LED function help required.. please

I have a programme already but I have a set of shift lights that are programmed to come on at 75%, 80%, 90%, 95% & 97% however always the arduino iteslf seems to send power through one of the outputs 8,9,10,11 &12 to create teh LED to stay on and not to come on when the programme/sketch is supposed to tell it to, which is a major Pain when using it in a racing sim to create real shift lights for my sim :?

Any help would be fabulous I haev no idea, at first I thought it was a voltage leak from the 5V side that powered the 7 segment display through the max 7219 chip to run 8, 7 segment display LED's. One being a gear indicator and the others being 6 scollable pages via a button displaying various types of data. My mate wrote all the code but the code doesn't seem to be the trouble even without the shield attached and 1 single LED place in the troublesome output socket it still has power all the time ??



I am really not sure what you are trying to say but you should always post your code if you suspect any software issues.

Post a schematic & code, we can only guess otherwise.