LED Illumination Optics

HI All,

I am trying to achieve effects similar to the following :



You can see the effect over time at 0:34 of this video: http://vimeo.com/92268891

It's really cool but am unsure of how to accomplish this and would be very interested in learning from the experiences of others. this might be more of a illumination optics problem than electrical but maybe someone knows something. :)

Looking forward to some creative solutions. :)

Very cool!!!

I’d guess they use lots of LEDs (maybe 50 or 100), sequentially dimmed for a motion effect. If it’s fast enough and the LEDs are close-enough together and there’s enough blurring in the optics that you don’t see the individual LEDs, it should look smooth (like a movie or video looks smooth even though it’s a series of still pictures). Or, it could be an [u]OLED[/u] or some other kind of display technology.

Optically, it looks like an [u]Plexiglas Edge Lighting Effect[/u].