LED intensity control

Hello everyone,

I have just started learning about the many capabilities of the Arduino. For my research I am interesting in manipulating photosynthesis by using varying light colors and quantities.

Some questions I have that I can't seem to find anywhere else:

Can I use the Arduino to fade the LEDs on and off in a matter of milliseconds? I need to control the exact amount of light being released by an LED panel. I have the instrumentation required to make a calibration curve of voltage supply vs. photons reaching the spectrometer.

Would this cyclic flashing be harmful to the LEDs or any other equipment required?

Yes you can. No it isn't.

Easy way is just to use a PWM capable pin analogWrite(ledPin, value); // pin 3,5,6,9,10,11, value from 0 to 255

Can control 2 RGB LEDs directly. Don't forget current limit resistor.