Led light house code


I need sketch of led lighthouse for one led with no rotation used.

And another question,i use code to light led as candle,and want to turnt it off and on by blowing a micro phone,and need soft turn off and and on.

How do i get that

How do i get that

Fire up the IDE and start typing.

Turning an LED on and off, in a light house model is about as simple a sketch as you could possibly write. The blink or blink without delay examples could be used as-is.

Your "blow in a microphone" requirements are far too vague to implement. You need to define what "soft turn off and and on" means for a device that can be on or off.

Sory my question was not so understandable.

I am powering 10w led through logic mosfet with pwm to adjust brightness.

I will use code for candle like glow on led, And will use microphone as swich for second code that I need, it would be lighthouse effect,that is gain by exponentially turning led on and of,so it gradually gain brightness and gets small time peak . I use microphone to switch these 2 codes ,but i need the code to lineary lose brigthes when transistioning to 2 code that expponentaly gain brithness .

Here is simple pic


Here is link to what i would like led to light like https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0Fc9rHzms