LED Lightup based on Twitter #hashtag

First off, hello everyone. I'm new to the forum here. Also, new to Arduino, so please go easy on me.

What I have: - 1 strand of 50 12MM Diffused LED's - Arduino Mega 2560

What I'm trying to do: I'd like to have these LED's light up when someone uses a particular #hashtag on Twitter.

How I think this should work: Basically, I'm thinking that i can pin these LED's on a board, with the Arduino attached to the back. I'm hoping to connect to a designated Mac laptop via WIFI where I'll have code "listening" on Twitter for the #hashtag. Once the code sees the #hashtag, the code sends a signal to turn on (or blink) the LED's over WIFI.

I'm really hoping you guys n gals can point me in the right direction to help get me started. I will say, I'm a complete newbie to all this, but I've been in the tech world for quite sometime. So It's just a matter of reading the right documentation, getting good advice, etc.

I appreciate ANY and ALL help!


Web based projects are not my strong suit, but I did find this that may help you. Tweetosapien

Very very easy with a Yun. In fact just about the job its designed to do.


Thanks for the tips. I'll look into these.

One thing I'm curious about, it seems like the Mega 2560 doesn't allow for WiFi connection? Is that true? Full disclosure, I haven't received my Arduino Mega yet, still shipping.

Also, I'm posting my step by step progress on my blog http://lancekorsun.com/creating-an-led-wall-part-1-- if you guys want to follow along or offer tips. I have a feeling I'll be all over these forums throughout.

Thanks again!

One other thing, this wall is actually going to end up having over 3,000 LED's. I just ordered a few strands to do tests. I'm assuming I'll need more than one board.

Wondering if I could connect a mega to a Yun -- that way WiFi could be possible? hmmm.