LED Marquee python script

I am communicating with a scrolling LED marquee using a python script, instead I would like to send the serial data myself
This is what I tell it in the terminal:

python toledo.py -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" --link="A" --output

It is very difficult to extract the relevant serial bits for me since I don't know whats what in the script.

What is the serial data for:

--link "A" (select program on the marquee A,B, C, D etc)
--output (execute!)

If someone could look at the attached script I would be immensely grateful!


toledo.py.zip (3.76 KB)

do you have a datasheet of the scrolling LED marquee thingie?

The python script merely sets all kind of commandstrings to get certain effects / fonts etc. These are just ascii strings (saw no binary in my quick scan) so easy to mimic yourself. If you call the script with the debug flag you will get the whole string in your console window. And you will see the codes otherwise send to the board.


I unfortunately have no datasheet, but luckily I found a python script someone wrote for that display and got it to work.

Anything sent to the board must be in the script somewhere right? Where else would it come from?



Anything sent to the board must be in the script somewhere right? Where else would it come from?

  1. Yes
  2. Could be in internal memory of the device, triggered by some code

Can you post a picture of the device, or better are there typenumbers or other info on it?

this is the page where i found the script toledo - LED Sign Board Control software

and this is the sign (the one with red leds): Amplus Industrial Ltd.

the python script was the most info I could find so far

The python script contains quite a lot of codes, you only have to port that to an Arduino sketch e.g in the form of a Serial.print(""); for snowflake effect

Have you tried the debug flag yet? then you will see what needs to be send. So please post the debug output.

also tried : python toledo.py --help ?


The help does not tell me what the serial data is, just how to control the script.

The debug flag just calls up the help again

toledo version
 Always use flags --message and --output last

-h (--help)       This screen
-v (--version)    Show toledo version
-p (--port=)      Set the port for use (default /dev/tty.usbserial)
-d (--debug)      Enable debug mode (verbose, call this flag first)
-s (--sid=)       Which Sign ID is in use (default 00)
   --intro=       Set the intro effect (1-16)
   --exit=        Set the exit effect (1-11)
   --bell=        Add a noise to your sign (0-4)
   --speed=       Set the movement speed (1-4)
-f (--font=)      Set the font used (1-5)
-c (--color=)     Set color on supported boards (red, green, orange,
                    ired, igreen, iorange, rog, gor, rainbow
    --page=       Which page to progam (A-Z)
    --runpage=    Run which programmed page (A-Z) (non-functional)
    --link=       Run which pages in which order (A-Z)
-l (--line=)      Specify line to program, on supported boards (default 1)
    --raw=        Send protocol specific commands
                    Include the FULL string to send, everything between
                    <IDn> and XOR checksum
-m (--message=)   Set the desired message (call this flag before output)
-o (--output)     Output to sign (call this flag last)

example: ./toledo.py --link="ABACAB" --output
example: ./toledo.py -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" -m "Holy Toledo" -o
example: ./toledo.py --intro="1" --exit="5" --speed="2" --inverse --page="B" 
          --line="2" --message="Holy Toledo" --output

tried the debug flag this way?
python toledo.py -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" --link="A" --debug --output

tried the debug flag this way?
python toledo.py -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" --link="A" --debug --output

The help text says --debug (or -d) has to go first. Try:

python toledo.py --debug -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" --link="A" --output

The manufacturer in china sent me the specs! Its all in there but I still dont get it :slight_smile:
I need to create one serial command to change "pages" from A to Z

that last debug suggestion worked

python toledo.py --debug -p "/dev/tty.usbserial" --link="A" --output

gave me:





Communication protocol AM004-03127 LED Display Board V2.2 .doc.zip (131 KB)