LED matrices and MD_MAX72xx library: need help please

I recently received a led matrix module from Ali**:


And I'd like to use them with the MD_MA72xx library.

I first used the sketch MD_MAX72xx_HW_Mapper, which says:

STEP 3 - RESULTS (#defines)
Your responses produce these configuration parameters

#define HW_DIG_ROWS 1
#define HW_REV_COLS 0
#define HW_REV_ROWS 0

NOTE: If this configuration does not work with the library, try rotating the matrix
by 180 degrees and re-run this utility.

Which seems equivalent to:

#define  USE_FC16_HW 1

Then, when I try the sketch MD_MAX72xx_PrintText I add this previous line (#define USE_FC16_HW 1) at the beginning of the sketch, before the setup but I do not get proper result. The sketch first should display 'Hello!' but what I get is that the modules display each lettersfrom right to left instead of left to right.

To make it clear, the first module (the one on the left) should display the 'H' and the first column of the 'e'. It actualle displays this but from right to left as in a mirror. So the H is ok but aligned on the right side of the module and the first column of the 'e' is at the rightmost position instead of left...

I hope this is clear, otherwise I'll put a picture.

I tried other configurations (USE_ICSTATION_HW, USE_GENERIC_HW, etc.) but there is no change. Can anyone tell me how to have it work properly?
Thank you

OK, here is the photo

(#define USE_FC16_HW 1) at the beginning of the sketch, before the setup but I do not get proper result

Not correct. You need to edit the library header file to make this change. Just changing the #define in the sketch will do nothing because of the way that the IDE mangles headers (unfortunately).

All this is covered in the documentation for the MD_MAX72xx library and in this blog article Parola A to Z – Adapting for Different Hardware – Arduino++

Thanks a lot, I'll try that!

It worked, thanks again.

For anyone else reading this: As per the documentation (!) you modify the type of hardware in the MD_MAX72xx.h file by setting you type of hardware to 1 and the rest to 0. Nowhere else.