Led Matrix 1088AS with MD_MAX72xx.h Lib and ESP8266

Hello Ardunino Community

Led Matrix 8 * 1088AS with MD_MAX72xx.h Lib and ESP8266

I have 8 Modules with 64 Led's
I use an example from the MD_MAX72 Lib and it works fine but after a while the second module
starts to act strange. sometime only Module 5 sometimes 6 and 7. Could that be a timing Problem
with the multiplexing, what I do in the Moment I reset the ESP8266 every 30 minutes and then it's Ok for 4-5 Minutes.

Are you by any chance attempting to use "String" variables - the ones with the capital "S"?

Example code from the libraries works.

Your problem is probably power related. You need to connect an external power supply as the Arduino cannot power 8 modules. When you connect the extra power supply make sure all the grounds in the circuit are connected together.

It's not an Arduino!

It's an ESP8266 - presumably a WeMOS D1 Mini if I have to guess since no useful information is provided. :roll_eyes:

Certainly Arduinox (or ESP) do not "power" anything unless you define that as generating the signals that animate the display. Rather the reverse is true with addressable LED strips or matrix displays - you connect the regulated 5 V to the strip and you bring that 5 V back from the strip along with the data line to the Arduino which you then power with the same 5 V supply, keeping the wiring tightly together.

Generally these 5 V displays work fine with the 3.3 V logic levels, but it may be worth adding a 74HCT14 as a level converter - each of the three control lines buffered with a pair of inverters cascaded.

Generally these 5 V displays work fine with the 3.3 V logic levels

Yes, but they do not work well with a 3.3V supply for the LEDs. You would be surprised how many people do that.

Thank you for answering.
I use an external 5V power supply.,If the examples are OK so it's the SPI bus or the length of the SPI Bus.
I will inform you later.

Hello and thank you Arduino Community
I changed in Line 288 MD_MAX72xx.cpp
SPI.beginTransaction(SPISettings(800000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0));
SPI.beginTransaction(SPISettings(4000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0));
My Problem was I thought I change the SPI speed with the divider or Frequency but in this case.....
Now It's running for an hour without any Problems.Maybe useful for.....