LED Matrix and Pro mini

So I recently bought a led matrix ( https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11861) and got it to work fine with my arduino uno but for my project I would like to get it to work on a pro mini. However, when I tried to hook it up to the promini the entire screen goes on and then off for a little bit then back on. How do I fix this? Is there some power regulation I am missing? My promini is 5v and I am using the Vcc pin on the promini.

What voltage (and amps) power supply are you hooking up to your pro mini? And are you hooking up the power supply to the "raw" pin?

You say you are using the VCC pin, I'm assuming you are hooking up the matrix to that pin.

The spec sheet for the matrix says: Operating Voltage: DC 4.7V – 5.3V Typical Voltage: 5V Operating Current: 320mA Max Operating Current: 2A

2 amps is a lot. I doubt you are maxing out though.

Anyhow, an easy way to test it is to hook up a separate 5V power supply to your matrix.

Regulator on promini is only good for 150mA. Likely the regulator is overheating, shutting down, turning on, shutting down, ...