LED Matrix Animator

I'm new to this forum and arduinos. But I am wanting to use a 8x32 LED matrix and program it to say words and display animations. I was wondering if there are any downloadable applications that can be used for this. I have found codes for animations. And a few programs for smaller displays like 8x8 but nothign for that size. Has anybody had luck? I have found rgbMTX for 8x8 rgb matrixs. And another but nothing that you can quickly make moving words or animations. Can anyone point to me to a application or a website that can help me program them.

I was thinking of something like this the other day.
I'm sure that all of the very clever people on this forum (myself excluded) could put together a simple app for animating matrices.
I'd imagine the arduino code is fairly static, with timings and columns/rows changing and selectable colours for RGB.
I have a 4x8 Matrix I'd like to animate several different ways but getting my head around the code is my next challenge.


I was searching for some animations as well. But I didn´t receive any suggestions or examples.

Unitl yet I just have done some simple patterns like a Circles, Rectangles, the Matrix, an fading ambiente light or a binary clock. I am using some LED´s with a quite common Library, NOOOOOT. So there are some difficulties displaying Text.
If you were interested, here has my request been Animation Patterns.

Or do you want to have a programm on your PC to controll it? I was thinkin about it, too. But I was to lazy and busy :wink:
Maybe I´ll start it again when I will become infected by my matrix-table again :smiley:

Not sure how you'd code game of Life :astonished:
I was thinking there must be a way of writing a PC app that can put the code into the clipboard ready to be pasted into the Arduino programmer, would look something like minesweeper on LSD :grin:
That way you could sequence your own animation, then just copy the data into your program.
With a clever enough programmer you could setup variables allowing you to work with TLCs, multiplexing, shift-registers etc.

I am wanting to use a 8x32 LED matrix and program it to say words and display animations

What kind of 8x32 LED matrix (made by yourself or bought off the shelf)?

Here is a post on how to do animation:

You would need to adapt it to your own matrix though.

Do it with processing. I knocked something up to load jpg's in and generate the code to a text file that i then put in an arduino sketch (progmem). It wasn't difficult. I took picture with a camera then converted them to 8x8 in an image editing software. Save this then load into your processing sketch. For animation you could take the avi. , use adobe or similar to save frames as septate images (doing frame rate corrections first). Then put them through the processing sketch. You could probably load the avi straight into processing and do it there as well but you looses the image editing and correction of the video software.