LED Matrix Control w/ Glediator

Hey guys,

I'm trying to store animations from Glediator on an SD card so I can load them onto my matrix.

I have the animations working as intended through USB Serial (correct orientation, speed, color, etc), but when I try to load them on the SD card, it looks wrong:

Animation running from Glediator (USB Serial)

Animation loaded from SD card

I looked through some replies to a similar issue from this thread and it appears the problem might be the pixel mapping. People are saying the settings don't transfer over to the recorded file.

I am using a 16x16 grid with HL_TL (Horizontal Line Top Left) mapping, but I don't know what the "default" mapping is and how to convert between the two. Several comments seemed to indicate that the HL_TL mapping was correct and worked fine, but for me it is not.

If anyone can tell from the videos what the correct mapping is that would help a ton.
I tried the ones in Glediator but none of them looked the same as what appears from the SD card.
The closest ones were the Horizontal Snake patterns, but with those the black part came in from opposite sides. On mine it comes in from the same side but alternates between even and odd rows.

Link to SD sketch file

Link to animation data file

Link to Glediator serial sketch file



After trying to solve this for a while, I decided to try out a different animation program called Jinx. I was able to get the animations to display correctly using this program. Here are the steps I used to get it working:

Setup -> Output Devices -> Add

Make the Device Type "Glediator File Recorder".

Choose "Redirect Output to File" and hit OK after selecting a file path.

Select desired animation on Channel 1.

Then select Setup -> Start Output to begin the recording, and Setup -> Start Output again to stop.

Copy the file to the SD card and run the Arduino sketch.

The animations aren't the same and I'll have to learn how to mix and fade them together, but it works.
I noticed Jinx also has an easy way of loading a slideshow of static images which I wanted anyway.