LED Matrix display using MAX7219

Hey Everyone, I am keep running into a problem with my LED Driver MAX7219 with the library “LedControl.h” and I have some questions. I am currently trying to control 16 8X8 matrix but the major is when I send the information it only scrolls through 8 and repeats. It is currently scrolling from 1-8 and simultaneously scrolling from 9-16.That is when the first character appears on 1 it also appears on 9 and they both scroll and repeats again. The question is how can I make the information scroll from 1-16 straight. I have done the troubleshooting of the hardware aspect and it has no issue. The data is first sent to the ATmega328 and then to the MAX7291 Led Driver. I would be really grateful if anyone could suggest a solution to the problem or can suggest a library having the features that can control the 16 8X8 matrix. Sorry for the poor construction of the question and Thanks in advance for your reply.

Please post your program.


Sounds like you have set NumLEDs to 8, not 16.