LED Matrix MAX7219 coding help

Hi, I am new to this forum and aren't am not a master mind with Arduino's.

My issue is that I currently have 3 8x8 LED matrixs with MAX 7219 chips and will purchase a further 3 more to build a 16x24 panel of LED. I would like to build a wall clock which displays multiple other dates and messages.

All the code I have looked at is confusing me and most of it does not work the way I would like it. Also, one minorly successful code I have found takes up 75% of the Arduino Nano's ATmega's memory and also, the text runs backwards on the display.

I there'for request help from anyone who can help me with my issue and anyone who would like to share their code with me.

Thank you :)


Hi Jack. Sounds like you need marco_c's help. He wrote a library called "Parola" which is good for larger max7219 matrices. PM him a link to this thread as ask him what he would suggest.


D Matrix MAX7219 coding help

Can you describe what you want to display (exactly)?