LED Matrix Standard

Dear All,

I have a LED Matrix 8 x 8 which has a number on one side BT.A1588BH-SE45

Please advice that, could we able to identify this matrix row Anode and column cathode or vice versa using this prited number on the side of the Matrix

I know that using Multi tester to identify pins, but i would like to know any standard using printed number on LED Matrix

I have another LED matrix with this number 1088AS

Please advice

Thanks in adnace

You need to find the part number of the matrix, just putting “A1588BH-SE45 matrix“ into google is a google whack, this thread.

So it looks like probing it with a meter is your only chance. If you use the continuity settings you get a faint glow with the current just from the meter.

Dear Grupy Thans for the reply

Actually I need to understand that the part number of the Matrix what say . Is there any identities and there are several part numbers comes with LED Matrix

Please advice

As per your advice "A1588BH-SE45 matrix" this part number should not show anything on Google


Try "1588AS" or "1588BS".
A or B is different LED polarity.

This may help;

Pin 1 is in the corner near the part number.

If you plug the array in the wrong way, you will not damage the array. (Personal experience, and the fact that all that is in circuit are diodes.)

Tom… :slight_smile: