LED Matrix - TLC5940 Daisy Chain Issue

So here's my issue:

I have 5 daisy chained TLC5940NT chips with RGB LEDs hooked up to each channel. I am using an arduino nano. I have it all set up on a breadboard, and am using the basic use sketch example. I verified the use one chip at a time until I got to the 5th one.

For power I am using a 5V, 2A switching power supply. I didn't want to run through a regulator and have it heat up. To power the arduino through the 5V supply I stripped a usb cable and have it plugged into the usb of the arduino and the other end to the power supply. Everything works fine until I wire up the last TLC. When I wire up the 5th chip in the daisy chain with the power supply most of the LEDs come on and some of them go on an off as they're supposed to.

Lastly, I decided to power everything through the computer USB, since even though I have 5 daisy chained I only have one LED on at a time so power is low. When I use the computer's USB and power the TCL chips through the arduino's 5V it works fine.

Any ideas? Could it be a coupling problem with the power supply? Why only on the 5th TLC5940 am I seeing any problems? Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am following the setup here:

So if anyone else has a similar issue. I looked at the datasheet and simply added some decoupling caps between power and gnd of each IC anda 100uF electrolytic at the input to the system. It works great.