LED module to 12v

I got this RGB LED module with built-in resistors, which I tested and works on 5v, but I would like to use it on 12v. Will it work? Or do I need to add another set of resistors to use it on 12v.

yes of course. it will for sure lighting for few microseconds and died for ever.
forget it and take WS2815. it has 5V logic and powers from 12V

Thank you. But I already got a few of those and I want to use it. Which resistor do I need so I can make it work on 12v if it’s made for 5v?

OK, well we will figure that each of the three LEDs will take 20 mA at maximum and has a voltage drop of 3 V (actually, the red is more like 2 V). With the present 1k resistors dropping 2 V, each will draw 2 mA which is very conservative.

If powered with 12 V, the resistor will see 9 V and it will draw 9 mA, so it is actually safe to operate directly at 12 V.

(Just double-check that the resistors on your module are in fact "102" which is 1k. :+1:)

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Yes, the resistors are 102. Thank you so much Paul! :pray:

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