LED Multiplexing help.

I have 4 tricolor led's and need to individually control them i would like to be able to PWM as well with pins left over. I thought i found a library a while back to easily do this but now i cant find it. what do you suggest.

Thank you.

This what you where looking for? http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/4051

The Adruino doesn't have enough hardware PWM outputs to do what you want.

For hardware control (plus a savings in Arduino pin requirements), you could use a TLC5940 with this library.

Or, you could do the PWM in software, using something like this library.

I realized the arduino isnt fast enough to run all colors/ lights pwm but i have started writing my own non pwm driver and it is working very well

my own non pwm driver

So what principal do you use to dim LEDs without PWM then?