LED neon flex Vs LED strip


can any one please tell me the advantages of led strip over led neon flex ?

LED strip:

  • 12VDC input (some versions can be 24V as well) which is easier to handle than 110/220VAC
  • power ranging from 2,4W up to 14,4W /m
  • small cutting length (depending on voltage and how many LED's/m, usually 5 or 10cm)
  • * very flexible (on one axis)
  • high light output (no loss in diffusing cover)
  • easy fix/attach with attached double sided tape
  • better thermal manegement
  • comes in non-waterproof, semi-waterproof and IP68 waterproof
  • small size: from 5x2mm up to 12x5mm (depending on model, protection class, power and so on)

  • bending only on one axis (it's flat)

  • pixelated light (LED's visible)

    • directional light (in some applications it can be disadvantage)