LED notification smartwatch using bluetooth

Hey all, I would like to make a very small smartwatch that notifies me of phone notifications via LEDs. It would be preferably very small, perhaps so small I could expand a digital watch case and fit it in there. The idea is to have four LEDs that can light up depending on the signal received via bluetooth.
The phone would have an android app that allows you to set which notifications trigger LEDs (for example, a text from Joe but not from Bill). Then some data would be sent via Bluetooth to the watch that tells what LED to turn on.
Thus, the code for the smartwatch itsself would actually be extremely simple. It just lights up LEDs based on a received byte of data. I have an HM-11 bluetooth module which is quite small that I was thinking of using.
I was hoping to know if this is possible:
the HM-11 is based on the TI CC2541. Looking at its datasheet, it says it has a “8051 MCU, in-system
programmable flash memory, 8-KB RAM”. Would I be able to program this to perform my relatively simple task? Or would it be better to program a small attiny that would communicate with it over a serial connection and take care of the logic and drive the LEDs.

HM-11: https://www.seeedstudio.com/Bluetooth-V4.0-HM-11-BLE-Module-p-1803.html
CC2541 datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc2541.pdf

I would think a 8 Mhz 3.3V Promini with Bluetooth module would be all you need.

I was hoping to use something much smaller, possibly a bluetooth module with an integrated microcontroller. There is the one from my original post, but I also found this:

Does anyone know of a small bluetooth module with an integrated microcontroller that is (reasonably) easy to use?