LED- or LC-Display?

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My Name is Paul, studying electrical engineering, and my Prof gave me kinda "project" about "developing" the PONG-game on the Arduino-MC. My only experience with microcomputers/-controllers is when I worked on an 8086.... I want to build kind of a gameboy (so a small gadget with three buttons for controlling and a display, on which you can "see" the game). My Problem is to decide either for a LED- or LC-Display. The price is not the point (my university pays it).... Does anybody of you got experience in what could be better for my case? Or what would you chose and why?

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If it is handheld/battery powered go for the LCD for reduced powerconsumptoin. Otherwise the LED is simpler and more visible. - IMHO. On the otherhand, you will have trouble getting enough LEDs (size of screen in pixels) which is relativly easier on an LCD.

So... I think you should go for the LCD.

Those good folks at Nuelectronics have something that would help you.