LED over-heating - Uno R3


I used the search before I post this, didn't found anything relevant to my problem. I connect a LED to my Arduino Uno R3 with 220ohm resistor and he over-heat. I also tried a 22kohm resistor and same happened.

Im using my laptop USB and 5V pin and GND pin.

Am I doing something wrong? A few days back I connected a few LEDs and they didn't over-heat.

Thank you.

Show us a good picture of the set up.

Hello @LarryD, thanks for fast answer!

While sending you the picture I tried to replace my resistor and... It works great and no over-heating (LOL).

Thank you anyway! Hugs, Zerokj

In other words it was actually a 2.2 ohm resistor to start with, wasn't it?