LED powered with battery, rechargeable

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to prototype an LED powered with a rechargeable battery.
I'm m a newbie to Arduino, programming, and electronics, and I really struggle understanding where to start, but I'm hoping to use this project as an excuse to learn all this.

Here is a bit more about what I'm trying to achieve.

A 2 to 3W LED is powered by a battery pack (18650).
The battery need to be able to recharge while powering the LED at the same time.
The battery needs to be able to recharge through either one of two USB connectors, of which one needs to be a USB-C.

Which of these would be a good place to start exploring?

  • Attiny10
  • Arduino Micro
  • Arduino Nano
  • TP4056
  • CH340C

I have searched online for a few hours, but I can't seem to find something I can use.
Would anyone have any info, link, tip, or anything I can use as a starting point?

Thank you in advance.

Only one of your list is a battery charger so I'd say that's a good place to start.


Thanks Steve. I was looking at other boards because I assumed a more advanced controller would be required to handle the two USB inputs to recharge the battery.
Or can I handle everything from one battery charger?