Led Project Questions

I have a set of RGB leds I forget which ones must look them up and edit this post, an arduino, and htpc. I was wondering if it is possible to program the leds to be lets say white and automatically dim once the movie starts and automatically turns on once the movie ends? the htpc is using xbmc for all the movie contents. Please help I highly appreciate it =)

Edited it is ip65 led pixels with the ws2801 chips

one of the better ones....


one of the better ones....

Thats pretty awesome! I edited the first post :slight_smile:

I really love XBMC since the moment I discovered it, although I haven't used it in combination with arduino yet. I don't know how many people here use it, but while reading a bit about XBMC, I noticed quite a lot of xbmc-users use Arduino in their projects, even googling XBMC Arduino ws2801 shows a lot of results.