Led project

I just bought a Arduino Uno and was messing around with leds. I'm looking for a project to make either a 4x4 cube or i was looking at led matrix. I want a project be on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEi8Dee7VoY

What do you think the next project i should work on to build up to led matrix. Or anyone have a good tutorial for a led matrix or cube. Thanks.

Here’s one way.
Each group of 4 LEDs connected to an Arduino pin represents 1 column of LEDs.
You will drive all the columns, and then drive 1 cathode low via NPN transistor briefly to light up 1 layer. Turn the transistor off.
Repeat for the next 3 layers.
Do it blink-without-delay style, and be preparing the next set of data to be displayed whiletime is passing for the next layer to be written & turned on.

The Anodes can also be driven from 2 shift registers, and the cathode transistors replaced with a transistor array part like ULN2003.

The tricky part of course is the building of the cube.