led registers without the spaghetti wiring :-)

I wanted to have 4 led 7 segment displays hooked up to the arduino for testing a project, but didn't want all the wires all over the place , so I used a piece of veroboard ( stripboard, perfboard) with the displays overlapping it, and the resistors behind, that's it at the bottom :-

but I still wasnt happy with the wires jumping across the chips, so I have now used another piece of veroboard to connect all the common pins and take the connections out to one side.
Apart from drilling out the tracks between the rows of pins of the chips, there are only 2 tracks to cut, and about 17 pieces of wire to solder between the layers ( the top one is upside down for easy soldering )
My new project only uses 2 of the 595 chips, but it can run as many as you like with the same number of tracks on the cross piece ( note the decoupling capacitors on the supply lines, especially important whenever you hang something on wires )

If anyone wants the drawing of the tracks and layout I will post it.

The new board hasn't any LEDs as the parallel outputs from 2 x 595 shift registers go off to a parallel to serial register !
It sounds stupid to go from serial to parallel and back again, but I need the fast speed of the second register to run a video display. ( I top it up relatively slowly )

If you want to blank or dim ( with a pwm pin ) the display with the /G pins, you can use an extra strip on the horizontal veroboard, similarly if you want to use the /SCLR - I am not using these on this project and they are tied to ground and 5v on the horizontal veroboard.

Looks very nice! Where did you order the rainbow cable?

I had it in a box , but it is available from one of our electronic shops here in Cape Town, so you should still be able to get it in Holland?...

i love the rainbow wires
my projects are littered with them

they are typically available in rolls or by the foot and are usually a 20 wire harness