LED RGB Strip - Brightness Controller by 3 Potentiometer

Hello, I am working on an Arduino project and I need some code. The problem is I can not write code very well .

I am trying to control the brightness of an LED RGB analog strip. I want each control each R G B component using a potentiometer.

Can someone please help me with code?

Thank You

const int outputPin1 = <PWM pin>;
const int outputPin2 = <PWM pin>;
const int outputPin3 = <PWM pin>;

void setup() {

void loop() {
    analogWrite(outputPin1, analogRead(A0)/4);  // Copy 10-bit input to 8-bit output
    analogWrite(outputPin2, analogRead(A1)/4);  // Copy 10-bit input to 8-bit output
    analogWrite(outputPin3, analogRead(A2)/4);  // Copy 10-bit input to 8-bit output