LED Snowmobile Tail light

Ok - I have seen some post about LED Controlls here but…
But… I know little and learning a lot!
I need to be able to controll 24 (min number of channels needed) to 32 (32 channels would be Sure Swell! :slight_smile: descreet channels, with 2 LEDs on each channel.
I njeed each channel to be able to light at 3 brighgtness levels (More would be nice but not neccesary) low/running, medium/braking, high/attenion.
Each channel needs to be able to go form constant on up to on/off 15 times per second at any one of the 3 brightness levels individually up to any group or all of the 24 channels.
Now which channels light at what brightness level would be controlled by a combination of input from a Speedometer, Tach and possible motion and ambient light sensor(s) with as fast a responce time as possible so as to avoid the 16 year old from rear ending me!!
I wasthinking of using an embeded ITX min form factor running WinXP as I wamnt some various partens used to indicate speed and slowing down, while there would be only one pattern for actual braking.
I’m haveing a duce of a time tring to find something that can contoll this number of Channels of LEDS. I have found a very expensive one that will controll 450 or so channels - but it is way to big, expensive and would not hold up on a snowmobile.
Is there any hope for this here?
I got to think that what I want is chicken feed compared to other LED projects that have been done.

A MAX7219 would do the trick. It can do up to 64 outputs with dimming.
You’d be using half of it.

hey - Thanks for the info - Looks good!!
2 Things:

  1. do you know if it can handle the amperage of 48 LEDs, or does it have to passit off?
  2. Looks like the company have 2 new versions. They any good?
  3. Know of anyone or any company that makes a premade USB version of this? : )
    Thanks again!
  1. It flickers each LED on and off rapidly so only one LED is on at any time. Looks the same but saves power.
  2. No idea.
  3. Arduino plus one of the chips with a little bit of solder and hey presto!

Design question: why would you want to spend several hundred(s) of dollars on a tail light for a snowmobile? It reminds me of an article I once read about how the trajectory of technology cannot be determined in advance.

The snowmobile’s inventors (Bombardier- Canadians, of course :slight_smile: ) did not foresee people making racks for cases of beers, and the deaths that drinking and snowmobiling would incur! I guess the same goes for imagining that someone would make $500 tail-lights!


Well - Once I had the idea I Have to see if it will work!
IF the cost is too much I might put a damper on it. I’m hopeing for $300 or less.
I know I’m not a Real Man - I hate Beer! So I got to put something else on my sled! :slight_smile:

I dont see how it would cost more than $200 or so if you used ultra bright LEDs.