LED status lights for who's on the phone

I would like to connect connect my arduino to my VoIP phone server so that it can detect when a call is incoming and who its going to and then light up and LED on that persons desk.

How would could this be done? Is this possible?

As long as you can get the incoming call data from your VoIP server somehow to your Arduino, the Arduino can easily get some LEDs to light up.

Do you know how I could get that data?

Do you know how I could get that data?

With the information provided so far?
No. Not a clue

I have a Sangoma VoIP phone server on an ethernet network. So i could connect the Arduino to the phone server either through the network or with a direct link. I'm not sure what I would do once my arduino is connected to the phone server.

Hang on...
Isn’t this why phones ‘ring’ so the recipient knows it’s for them?

Just a visual indicator on the phone... most IP phones already have ‘line activity’ LEDs anyway.

As for the original question, yes it’s entirely possible (need to know a lot more about your SIP sever setup), as well as the fact you’ll need to add some scripting in the server to scrape the traffic data.
Or the hard way - you could sniff the network, but why create a LOT of work for no practical end result.

Also remember, whichever path you choose, the inbound routing can change dynamically, so any solution has to understand that.