LED strip 5V or 12V

I am working on finishing my room and I am planning on running individually addressable LED strips on the ceiling, around the entire perimeter of the 100 sq ft room. I will have the power supply in one corner a 40ft total run of LED strip in a loop.
I plan on running wire with the led strip to prevent any voltage drop, injecting power at each corner of the room.

I am not sure if I should do 5v or 12V.
When I set a 5 meter, 5V strip to full white, the current was almost 5A. This would be a very large current and I assume the wire would have to be a pretty thick gauge (I have no idea how to calculate the appropriate wire gauge :confused: ).

I would prefer to not use a 12V strip because then I can only control groups of 3 LEDs.

What gauge would the wire have to be if I used a 5V strip? Or would it be worth it to just go for a 12V strip?

Get a 12V strip where you can control each LED if that's important. "Neopixels" do come in a 12V variant.

5V strips is fine for smaller projects, but the current demand gets silly, fast.

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The resistivity of copper is 1.68 x 10^-8 ohm-metres.

resistance of a wire = resistivity x length / area (all in metres).

Say you only wanted to drop no more than 0.2V at 5A, your total wire resistance would need to be <= 0.04 ohms.

10m of 1mm^2 copper wire is 0.17 ohms - four times too high for this case.

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alright thanks, I'll just go for 12V control 3 led strips, to save money instead of Neopixels.

I'm really glad I came here, as I was planning on just ordering the 5V strip and dealing with wire after it came...

Get a 12V strip where you can control each LED if that's important. "Neopixels" do come in a 12V variant.

They do, but you need to remember that the 12 V strips where you control each LED require exactly the same current per LED as the 5 V version.

The only advantages are that a 12 V power supply may be more readily available - though it will be drawing 2.4 times as much power - and you can tolerate a substantial voltage drop (probably as much as five Volts) along the strip! You are simply wasting 58% of the power. :roll_eyes:

If this is for room lighting, won't all of the LEDS be the same color already?

You can get 12V LED strings where every LED is individually addressable.:
12V LED String