LED Strip driver, connection

Hello world :slight_smile:

I just bought this RGB-LED strip driver:
But, i want to connect it directly to my arduino nano, not over a Grove board,
how do I wire this up, and any suggestions on how to programm as an example a violet light on the LED strip? :confused:
I couldn't find any helpful information on the WEB, altough i could download the library.

Im New to Arduino, so no HATE:P

Thanks a lot and have a Good day.

Im New to Arduino, so no HATE:P

On this forum, we do not hate people new to Arduino. We hate people who want everything to be done for them with no effort from themselves. We can spot these people very quickly, often by simply reading their first post. For example they do not read the "please read" post before they make their first post, so do not know how to post links correctly, or what information to include in their question.

I urge you not to be one of those people.