LED Strip Flowing Pattern

I have 0 experience in any Arduino / IC / PIC / LED Programming. With that said, I am looking to build OR have built the following.

  • 4" LED addressable strip that runs in a Flow pattern from right to left, then starts back over at original the LED bulb and repeats. Likely only 4-5 LED bulbs, single color.

  • IC that is as small as possible. IE: No breadboard, No large Arduino board, Etc. Just an IC that can be mounted on the strip itself?

  • Needs to run on 6V (2 - 3V lithium ABC batteries) for at least 2 hours.

  • As bright as possible with timeframe requirements listed above.

Is this possible and if so, is it something a complete newb like myself could build?

Thanks for your time!

Is this possible

Yes perfect.

is it something a complete newb like myself could build

Another question altogether, but I suspect you could if you have a bit of experience first.

I would use an ATtiny85 chip. This is a small 8 pin chip that can be programmed with an Arduino and runs Arduino code.

The power requirement is the most tricky part. I would probably use a buck converter to get a 5V power supply as a conventional regulator would not run with a voltage so close to that which you want to produce on the output.

You will also need physical skills with a soldering iron and strip board construction.

They don't make single colour addressable strips, as far as I know. You could use addressable RGB strip and only use one colour. Or you could make your own strip from ordinary 3mm or 5mm LEDs on a 4" long stripboard. Not too difficult with only 5 LEDs.

In this "flowing" pattern, how many of the 5 LEDs are lit at any instant? What colour? Different colours have different "forward voltages" and can affect the design in certain ways: red LEDs have the lowest forward voltage and blue & white have the highest.

What are these ABC batteries? Google shows me large batteries for electric wheelchairs.