LED Strip Glow when Off

I have a single colour white LED strip, attached to this RF controller Mini LED Controller Dimmer with RF Wireless Remote Control DC 5~24V 12A by KIKI MALL - - Amazon.com. When I turn the LED off using the controller, a few LEDs on the strip seem to glow very dimly, instead of turning completely off.

I have several other dimming controllers on hand, even non RF ones. I have tried them all, and they all had the same effect on this particular strip when turned off, only a few LEDs glow very dimly.

On the other hand, I have also tried the controllers on a several different LED strips, and the problem doesn't seem to be present. So I am currently quite confused, and unable to find a solution specific to my problem.

Could someone explain why this is happening, and if any way to fix this?

Seems like the mosfet in the controller is not fully turning off.
Try a 1k resistor across the terminals of the LED strip (could be at the beginning or at the far end).

Thanks Wawa, it works. I soldered it on the controller instead, as the strip was already sticked upside down. Why does this happen only on this particular strip and not others, and why does it also only occur on some specific LEDs on the strip?

Maybe some LEDs on the strip are more sensitive than others,
and already light up with the slightest leakage (normal) of the mosfet switch.
The resistor drains away any leakage when the fet is off.

Also possible those few led’s have shorted / bad / wrong smd resistors so they show up before the normal (resisted?) LEDs with the trickle output.

Good to know thanks.

If its a cheap strip from eBay then expect some of the LEDs to be factory rejects / out of spec anyway.