Led Strip lightning control, parts needed?

Hi, I am going to try to start a simple(?) project where I want a led strip to light up when it gets a signal from an Ultrasonic sensor.

I already have a Arduino Nano and a Ultrasonic sensor and I have ordered 5m of this 5050 Led strip RGB

I also know that I need a power supply, but what else do I need ? I have read something of resistors and mosfet but I don't know exactly what kind of mosfet to buy.

But if there is something that I can buy from ebay cheap instead of the mosfet/resistors I would rather go with the finished products. Like Mini led amplifier RGB but I don't understand if that can be used instead of the mosfets.

So if somebody could post links to the parts I need I would be glad.

Maybe you can find all the answers here.