LED strip "sleep" current draw

Hi all, I am trying to make a project involving a 4M 60 LED-per-Meter WS2812 strip. From what i've measured, there is actually a direct connection between the V+ and the ground, with about 300 Ohm of equivalent resistance in between them, allowing a measured current of about 350 mA. This is when the entire strip is completely OFF. Is this normal? Why is there so much current flowing through the WS2812 chips? (or does it flow through something else?) I would very much appreciate any answer because the project is short on amperage (only a small number of LEDS is supposed to be turned on at any given time).

Regards, Tim

Measuring "Ohms" across a chip Vcc-GND is not going to give any usefull result. It does contain transistors that switch on/off ... ;)

On first reading the 325mA seems a lot, but on 60 devices it is 5mA pr chip. That still seems a lot, but then I read the spec sheet and the words "low power" or equivalent do not appear anywhere. It does not specify the chips current, only that the LED will draw 20mA pre colour per LED.

Have you measured the actual current consumed?