LED suit help

Hello, A co-worker and I are attempting to make an LED suit and we have very little knowledge on how to get everything wired properly. Basically we stumbled upon this video and we are trying to do pretty much this. Is there anyone willing to help us actually put everything together so all we have to do is pretty much put the LED's on the suit or extend the LEDS to where we want them? Please let us know your price for this work. We are in need of this ASAP and this could lead to future work as well. Thank you for your time!


-Reko Rivera mizztapeppa@hotmail.com 727-688-1252

I think this should really be in the Gigs and Collaborations section of the Forum.

However, have also you considered doing this yourselves? If all you want is static LEDs, there are pre-made strings of them that all you'd have to do is wire them up to a switch, current limiting resistor, and battery. Even if you want something more involved, like a programmed sequence or some kind of interactivity that's not very hard to do with an Arduino. Although you might want one that's intended for wearable projects like the LilyPad.

I'm actually working on this right now using LPD8806 strips (which are different then the ones he used).

If you guys go we the parts and start working on this, send me a PM and I would love to collaborate on ideas, code, etc. (this should get moved as suggested).

Parts Ive got so far: 1 5M LPD8806 strip (1 on route, and 2 more on order) 3 Teensy (1 Teensy 2, 2 Teensy 2++) 5V regulator and 1N4001 diode (to be used for battery pack) Currently using a standard 5V 1A plug for power, and it does 1 5M strip just fine (only dims when all pixels are on)

Since Ive only got one strip, I'm putting together some prototype shorts for a football game shortly and will upgrade to pants/top as parts come in.