LED that lookslike an old school light bulb?

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells LED's that look like an old school light bulb?

Ideally 5V and not to large?

Does that make sense?

Why not just use "an old school light bulb"?

Have you looked into "wheat grain" bulbs? Long before LEDs started to become common (late 1960s-early 1970s), small indicator lights were done with these tiny bulbs. They used low voltage and little current (I am not saying they were as good as LEDs, but they weren't bad). Lots of projects from the era used them.

They can still be found if you look around; heck, at Apache Reclamation and Electronics here in Phoenix you could easily pick up 2-300 and not make a dent in their inventory. Check surplus dealers and such; you might also be able to find them new, but since most things have gone to LEDs, you might end up paying a premium for them (or not, as the case may be - I've never priced or looked for them, to be honest).

Good luck!


thanks will look into the grain of wheat bulbs.

Basically I'm looking for LED's which look like lightbulbs, as I have a project which requires about 200 "bulbs".

I've looked into using real ones but as they require a higher voltage I will need to use SSR's which when you need 200 starts becoming a little crazy.

The bulbs dont need to be very bright, its more just to see them turning on and off.

I found this http://www.gadgetsdirect.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=205&products_id=14931&zenid=52b1164f54a3f392ffcfa78a2d311a7d which seems to be 5V, so I can use it straight with the ardunio board?

They are a little big though and was hoping to find something smaller and not so packaged up.

the grain of wheat bulbs

Nicely phrased :).

Perhaps you could simply put LEDs into a bulb-shaped case? Like the link you provided above.

As for using that above product directly with the Arduino board, I'd say not directly through a pin. Although the page doesn't give any specs (besides voltage), it does say:

8 LED Illumination Lamp

Which makes me think it'd require about 160mA at the least.

You could do it through a transistor or relay, though :).

which seems to be 5V, so I can use it straight with the ardunio board?

No far too much current for direct connection.

Just take ordinary bulb, take out everything what's in it (here's a little help), fill it with silicone and put the LED inside :)

I saw something suitable on eBay just last week. eBay UK item number 220551344061 (I can't post a link due to being a new member)

They seem to be LEDs installed inside the old 12V style miniature bulbs that I remember from school but rated at 6V and no resistor required.