LED Ticker Project

Is there a LED Ticker Project around that starts at the beginning using three/four 8x8 LED matrixs and takes it to full use?

Mucho thanks for any responses!

I'm sure there is. They have been made with LEDs that have common anode going across and common cathodes going down, multiplexing is done by writing the anodes, turning on one cathode driver, work across the display. Cathode driver can be part TPIC6B595, a high current output shift register. Or can be done with 5x7 or 8x8 matrices, each one driven by a part like MAX6951 (5x7 I think) or MAX7219/7221 (8x8). Or can be done with prebuilt panels with driver chip built it, made by SureElectronics.net I think.

Adafruit also sells 8x8 LED matrix modules with a built-in I2C capable driver IC. Not only is there control over each individual LED on/off state, but mutliple brightness level between off and fully on. That could do what you want, and many other things as well.