LED very dim

Hi, this is my new project an I just wanted to test if all the pins work on my arduino Duemilanove. this is the code I put in:

int pin = 1;

void setup()

{ digitalWrite(pin,OUTPUT);


void loop()

{ digitalWrite(pin,HIGH); delay(100); digitalWrite(pin,LOW); delay(100); }

This works and makes the LED blinks but the LED is very dim when it blinks, I used a 220 ohm resistor as well. This code works perfectly on pin 13 if I change pin = 1, to pin = 13. I don't know what's going on! Note: I also tried all the other pins 0 thouh 12 and it is the same, the LED is not bright enough like it would on pin 13. Help Please, Thanks!

Pins 0 and 1 are used by the serial port on a standard Arduino board, these are not a good choice for connecting an LED.

Are you sure you had a problem with pins 2 through 12?

Yes mem,

Yes the pins 2 through 12 have the same problem. Thank you mem!

void setup()

{ digitalWrite(pin,OUTPUT);



pinMode(pin, OUTPUT );


Yes, that's it I figured it out when I was going over the code again hehe. It's awesome and works perfectly now. BIG thanks BOHNE. I am new to this and just curious, have you been playing with arduinos for awhile now? Thanks again!

I am using atmel controllers for quite some time now, many years. The Arduino is quite new to me, first contact in August 2008 I guess. But it is easy and has a good concept, I like it a lot.