LED/ voltage input

i really need to get this done asap and could do with ur help :slight_smile:

A question like that "i am in a hurry", and with only a very brief overview of the problem - and no code or circuit or anything that shows what you have tried so far ... or indeed if you have even unpacked your Arduino or equivalent ...

It is a school exercise. "We" do not solve school excercises.

Of course I could be wrong. Appolgies in that case, and show what specifically you need help with. (And dont use the "Poll" button)

Use a TLC5940 to sink a constant current and dissipate and extra power or use resistors in series with your LEDs, or use transistors, or FETs or even relays, Darlington arrays, optical switches and many other things I either can't think of or have no clue about.

The program depends on what you're wanting to do with said LEDs and the pins used depends on the method you decide to go for.

1) Attach the LEDs to output pins through resistors. 2) Measure the input voltage on the analogue input 3) write a program to light the LEDs in response to the changing input voltage. 4) grow up and learn to ask proper questions in a proper way.

Hello ... better "YOU DO IT" in Analogic way ... Voltage Comparators and so on ... work!

Hi, I need to build a humanoid, self learning robot that can talk, listen, see, smell, walk, grab things, get me beer and cook for me, and I'm in a hurry, so please tell me what I need and how to program.

See how ridiculous that sounds?