LED Wall that Interacts with Black Pixels of an Image

I'm a Arduino newbie and I need some help creating an LED wall that has the same number of LED lights as pixels of image of a face. The image will consist of only white and black pixels and the goal is to have only the black pixels of the image illuminate on the LED wall. The image will be swapped out on the fly with the LEDs on the wall updating instantly.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create this wall? Is there anyone I can hire to help me with the configuration?

Thank you.

There is a clever trick with LEDs - they can be used as crude photo diodes when not illuminated, then switched over to illumination for a while, swapping back and forth between sensing and lighting up. This allows some lovely effects.

For a whole wall this needs a lot of hardware to multiplex all the analog readings from the photodiode mode as well as sending digital signals out to light the LEDs

Here's a previous thread: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,13176.0.html

One fairly common project is an LED cube consisting of a very large number of LEDs arranged in rows and planes to form a cube. Some of them use hundreds and hundreds of LEDs. There are various multiplexing techniques to drive them from an Arduino but the common ones are using a serial-to-parallel shift register to provide lots of outputs, and arranging the LEDs into a matrix with each row and column driven separately so that each LED can be turned on by energizing the corresponding row and column.

Depending how many LEDs you plan to use in your system it may be practical to use these approaches. They scale almost indefinitely, but the further you scale the solution the lower the refresh rate that can be achieved and of course the hardware costs mount up too.

How many LEDs are you planning to use in total?