LED + water = trouble?

I have a question about using LED's on my upcoming project. The LED's may occasionally get a few drops of water on them. Are LED's delicate to moisture or will they be alright for a few drops here and there? The Arduino and heavy circuitry will be well out of the way but I just wanted to know how an LED might hold up. Anybody have any previous notes on this?


The diodes and hookups of an LED are encased in transparent resin plastic. It's impervious to most human-safe environments. The power leads of an LED are usually bare metal. Protect those from water, and you should be fine. Pot the ends of the leads with a little nonconductive epoxy, shrinktube the leads themselves, or otherwise water-resist your circuit, if you must run in high-moisture situations.

The plastic end of the LED itself will be fine.

If the leads are exposed, it would be best to somehow weather-proof that.

If the LED is sticking out of a hole, putting some hot glue on the back side (so it's not unsightly) will protect your circuit.