led wiring help

hey all,

so im trying to wire in halo led’s (12v source) for my car and the harness i made didnt work. they way i have it wired is as follows…
wire = 16gauge

12v source (one wire) → rocker switch → (two wires out) → two connectors → (other side of connectors split to two wires again)
→ +led wires (4 led halos) → (-led wires grounded to frame)

so its basically 12v 1 wire → switch → 4 wires out-> halos → ground

I had one halo working, but I’m going over the wire right now. I there a way to control 4 led halos through 1 rocker switch? I’m not good with electrical componants so im not sure if I need a regulator, inverter, etc…

any help is greatly appreciated!!

Do you have a link to the lights?


they are 90mm in Red

Confirm the output of the switch goes to 12volts when the switch is turned on.

so the wiring would work without any issues?

I believe your are correctly wiring things. They said the led comes with a constant current driver, did it?

just checked over it and the wires attached to the drivers were ripped away (thanks super bright led!!) haha well order new drivers so should be set. thank you for the help!