LED with wave shield

Hello, I've made a wave shield and added a PIR motion sensor and got that all working. I now want to add one LED, so when the sensor senses motion the shield plays and the LED flashes.

I've been looking around and I can't find any info on it, even though I bet theres loads on it. The sensor I have is to attached to pin 0, 5v and ground on the shield.

Is there a way I can also attach the LED onto the shield aswell, or do I need it to go on the breadboard?


Could you turn the shield a little more to the left? I can not see the sockets clearly …


Yes, well, your explanation does not give me a clue what shield you have made. No picture, schematic or specification. So how would I or others know if there is room for a LED?

Hrrmphph.... ]:)

I said it was a wave shield in the subject title and in the first sentence. Also that the pin 0, 5v and ground are being used for a pir motion sensor I have.


"I made a wave shield". There are more than one supplier and layout out there ...

but I wont bother you anymore.

aaah. Sorry I didn’t realise. It’s an Adafruit wave shield.

Apologises for my idiocy.

You mean this one : http://www.adafruit.com/products/94