led yallow

Hello i have a problem, and i hope you can help me i made a project on a robot jj site a small electronic blackboard controlled by a london arduous board and a brian sheld wifi card. I am asked to install via arduino ide the file to set servo motors etc. I compile and load on the board but both before and after the yellow light continues to blink, and they tell me it's okay it should be fixed because it does so. Com and right, the recommended version for compilation is program and arduino ide 1.5.6 i do not know how to do, i tried resetting it with the button but nothing charged but then the yellow led resumes blinking mad why? Can you tell me if and the card? . The program I compile does not make me mistakes is right but the light blinks both before and after installing how i should do it and maybe the card that does not go? Is an original Arduino leonard card. :confused:

What is your native language? Perhaps there is a more appropriate section of the Arduino forum where you could post your question and be understood.

Yes I saw this some time ago and came to the same conclusion, I just couldn't understand the question. It would help if you read How to use this forum as it tells you how to ask a question.