LedControl library not working with 1.0

Just testing this library with the very basic function and this won't compile in 1.0. Sample code works fine in .022

Does the library need to be updated for 1.0?

I would imagine so...

have you done a search? to ensure it hasnt been updated/converted already?

Here is a little help:

ISSUE #1: ”BYTE” keyword is no longer supported, but it is not required with the new Serial.write command.

FIX: Replace Serial.print(val, BYTE); with Serial.write(val);

ISSUE #2: “wprogram.h” not found. It has been renamed “Arduino.h”

Any other issues?

I dont see any BYTE being used, so that doesnt look like is an issue..

There is an error: wconstants.h does not exist

but I found this:

Migrating Libraries If your sketch includes any libraries that have not been designed for 1.0 then you will need to change the library if it uses any of the old header files that have been replaced with the new Arduino.h file. If you include any of these libraries, change:

include "wiring.h"

include "WProgram.h"

include "WConstants.h"

include "pins_arduino.h"


include "Arduino.h"

It compiles now.