LEDDAR M16 with Arduino

Has anybody tried to communicate the M16 Leddar (Solid State LIDAR) with Arduino Mega 2560 using RS-485 communication.
It will be great to know something about it as I am facing difficulties to code it.
Thank you !!

I guess the easy way is this kind of module

Yes I am using the same module but unable to get the results.

use a scope to verify the sensor gives a signal.
(no scope? 2 resistors , a 3.5mm jack to mic input. record with Audacity)
(you can verify a signal and its baudrate)

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Dear Rahul Ji,
Leddar M16 is a specific sensor not a general purpose so i doubt you may get straight forward solution unless someone worked on it.
if you have made a code you can post here so people may get some idea and you probably may get some solution.