• Inspired by Monome
  • 8x8 multiplexed RGB LED grid, with a button for each LED
  • Arduino Mega, 41 of 54 digital pins used
  • PWM simulation, with 2880 interrupts/second (8 rows * 6 "intensities" * 60 Hz refresh rate, with "intensities" being the number of times a LED can be turned on or off during a single refresh)
  • To be able to easily set 2880 interrupts/second, I've created a new FlexiTimer2 library
  • Theoretical color range: 343 colors (6 "intensities" means that each LED can be turned on 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 times per refresh, i.e. 7 different possibilities times 3 color components: 7^3 = 343)
  • Runs stand-alone as opposed to Monome
  • RFID reader to switch apps
  • C++/Qt LEDGRID Emulator, which emulates the LEDGRID API (which is very simple, it's just a set of wrapper functions to set the color of each LED) as well as Serial (uses QextSerialPort).

Watch the demo video

This was a project for the Mobile & Pervasive Computing course at Hasselt University in Belgium and was built by Jens Bruggemans (mostly hardware) & Wim Leers (mostly software). It was our first Arduino project, with zero electronics background.