Leds and External Power

Hi there, i want to control 5 leds seperately with my arduino duo.

1 x High power 5W RGB LED module. Comes complete with heatsink and screws. Common Anode, perfectly suited for usage with FET transistors and Arduino platform (or other micro controllers) to easiely generate all colors of the rainbow with 3 PWM outputs.

and 4x white power led Voltage: 3.6-4.5 V Output power:1 Watt power output Current: 350 mA Color: White

These cannot be powered by the arduino obviously, and i understand i need to make a schematic on a breadboard, however its not realy clear to me after reading alot of pages what i exactly need, or better said how to calculate it.

This is what i want to do:

i want to control the colors of the rgb and be able to fade then AND to strobe them.

i also want to induvidualy strobe the 4 white leds

i want to use my cars powersuply/battery (12v)

can someone plz tell me what i need to build to power the leds and be able to strobe them? or can someone give a link to a similar project/tutorial? i found it easy to hook up sensors but this is a bit harder ;) is there an arduino shield to drive leds?

thanks in advance