Leds and piezo (playmate for kids)

Hello everyone .

I hope for everything is fine for you, i m brand new in the forum and a bit stressed about how to write clearly mu questions (and in english moreover)

So i m building an activities and a playmate for kids. My intention is to transform piezo in (choc sensor) and when the kids is “shocking” the piezo the leds will turn on.
And i want to do it on scratch for arduino (cause i found it more playable for the kids) bu i m strulling hard with the electronic (it doesnt work)
so coud i get some feedbacks (i attached my fritzing pattern) cause i m lost.

And i want to do it for 6 piezos (i already built with wood and stuff the playmate) have you got some clues ? Cause first i wanted to do it in series (only one piezo could work on the same time, so it look quiet simple. (i wrote look cause cause i fail)

thanks you so much if you could support me im my new challenges (and if you need i have got pictures from waht i already done)

Piezo Led.fzz (2.56 KB)

Hi, welcome to the forum. First off do not make question a poll, only use a pole when you want people to vote on some question, you should use the start new topic.

Next when posting schematics it is best to post them in a form that everyone can read. Not everyone has fritzing because we think it is a bad thing to use. You are best posting a schematic not a physical layout picture as it is next to impossible to extract any form of information about that.

Sorry to be appearing to tell you off, I know you haven't done it deliberately. So can you post a schematic of the circuit you aer trying to make work. Thanks.

Thanks you so much for all this precisions i will do a better picture and avoid to create a poll :-) and sorry for read the rules of the forum too quick and by consequences doing mistakes ps : how i can delete my own messages :-)

There is a X above the message box with the word remove, just click that.

Try again with a copy of the schematic of what you are trying to build, then people can help you. Good luck.