LEDs as a reading lamp

Hey guys,

last year I did my first Arduino project with a humidity and temperature sensor. I really liked it and now for my new project i would like to make a reading/desk lamp which can be turned on or off by sounds above a certain level.

Now to my question. Is it possible to produce with certain LEDs and the Arduino connected to a USB charger as a power source, light bright enough to use for reading and make the room kinda bright? I would like to put the LEDs inside a frosted glass to make a nice looking lamp, if this is possible.

Thanks a lot for your help!

If you switch the LEDs using an FET instead of connecting them directly to an Arduino pin then the current available to the LEDs will not be limited by what the Arduino can supply so you can use larger, more powerful LEDs.

A good second project.

Take care choosing the type of led you wish to use. Before you buy, post links here and we can check they are suitable. Many high current leds need constant current circuits and heatsinks, for example.

Short lenghts of Led strips would be a convenient way of connecting all your leds, but you would need a 12V supply for that.